The low-lying island of Lismore, situated at the mouth of Loch Linnhe, is composed of the largest expanse of coastal limestone in western Scotland. The island, 16 km long and 3.2 km wide, divides outer Loch Linnhe in two with the Lynn of Morvern to the north-west and the Lynn of Lorn to the south-east. Eileanan agus Sgeirean Lios Mòr (Lismore) SAC is a composite site comprising five groups of small offshore islands and skerries - Eilean na Cloiche and Eilean Dubh in the Lynn of Lorn, Eilean Gainimh off the northern tip of Lismore, and Bernera Island and Dubh Sgeir in the Lynn of Morvern.

Eileanan agus Sgeirean Lios Mòr (The Isles and Skerries of Lismore) has been designated for its nationally important breeding colony of the common seal, Phoca vitulina. Around 600 adults haul out at the site to rest, pup and moult. Lismore represents one of the larger discrete colonies of common seals in the UK and is equivalent to around 2% of the UK and 1% of the EU populations of the species. The site is the most sheltered and enclosed common seal SAC on the west coast of Scotland and haul-out areas reflect the habit of west coast common seals to utilise rocky shores, islets and skerries. The Isles and Skerries of Lismore SAC contributes to the series of sites around the UK coast that have been selected to maintain the geographic range and status of the common seal population.

This site is not being actively managed at present but management may be considered in the future.

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